miercuri, 21 ianuarie 2009

The stranger

Everybody turned round to look at the man who entered the restaurant. He was charming, good-looking, but the thing that really draw her attention was the fact that he seemed surrounded in mistery. He had something, something special, she could read it in his eyes, but what was it, she somehow needed to find out.
He came there to meet a woman, a quite attractive one I would say, but he wasn't attracted to her in any way. They were discussing about something connected to the attacks that took place three days ago, as she could read it on his lips. "His lips..." she thought, "so provocative lips" she whispered, and then he threw her a look. She freezed when their eyes met. What was happening to her, she didn't knew the guy, and yet she was so messed up. Who was he? He stood up and started to walk towards her, she was afraid, but in a way she wanted to get close to him. He passed right next to her table, heading to the bar. Her table was very close to him, just a few inches, and he knew that.
"I'll be your nightmare, Natasha..." he said to her. She couldn't believe it, how could he call her by the name.
"How do you know who I am?" she asked.
"I know everything..." he replied. "I also know that you'll come to love me, that you will help me to fulfill my destiny" he continued.
"What? You are mad! Leave me alone! She looked at the waiter and asked for the paycheck.
"You can run, but I'll be always one step ahead of you!"

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